Quinta do Crasto
Touriga Nacional

Quinta do Crasto Touriga Nacional is a premium wine produced exclusively from Touriga Nacional grapes and that is only bottled in years when the highest levels of quality and excellence are achieved.

Touriga Nacional is a notable Douro Valley grape. It is a very fresh variety that brings vivacity to this very hot region. In addition to freshness, Touriga Nacional has a distinctive aroma marked by notes of violet. Quinta do Crasto Touriga Nacional also has a slight hint of mint that further enhances the natural freshness of the grape.

Touriga Nacional is very well-adapted to the Douro Valley and encounters equilibrium when grown, preferably, at medium and high altitudes, far away from the heat of the lower plots. Quinta do Crasto has two vineyards that average 300 metres in elevation. This is thought to be the best location for this grape, where it enjoys a variety of orientations, namely east, south, west and north. In the east-facing plots, the grapes are very well-balanced in most years. In warmer years, grapes grown facing west and south may suffer somewhat. In north-facing vineyards, the grape behaves very well in very hot years but may encounter more difficulties of phenolic maturation in cooler ones. With such an array of different plots to choose from and based on the climatic conditions of each particular year, the oenology team comes up with the perfect balance in the production of the Quinta do Crasto Touriga Nacional.

Quinta do Crasto Touriga Nacional is aged for 18 months in French oak barrels that have been specially designed to give lightly toasted notes and to bring out the freshness and aromas characteristic of Touriga Nacional. It is essential during aging that the wood not be allowed to overshadow the natural characteristics of the grape. Quinta do Crasto Touriga Nacional is a very appealing wine from the start, with very expressive primary aromas. It takes on considerable complexity with bottle aging, without losing the characteristics of the variety.

Quinta do Crasto Touriga Nacional has a lively and concentrated colour. The intense aroma is of ripe fruit with notes of good wood. It has great presence in the mouth, soft and round, with everything highly well-tuned. The finish is long with hints of spices. Quinta do Crasto Touriga Nacional 2016 has a deep colour, with an elegant violet nose that stands in perfect harmony with soft notes of fresh spice and wild Douro fruits. It starts in the mouth in a harmonious fashion, evolving into a wine with excellent volume and fine tannins that are a perfect match for the notes of violet. This engaging wine reflects the full identity of the Touriga Nacional grape and finishes with excellent freshness and length.

Only in the years 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2016 have the conditions been met to produce Quinta do Crasto Touriga Nacional.

The Quinta do Crasto single varietals are premium wines produced exclusively with grapes of the respective variety and that are only bottled in years of exceptional quality, when the grape achieves its full potential and can showcase the identity of the variety.


Quinta do Crasto Touriga Nacional 2001

Quinta do Crasto Touriga Nacional 2005  – Gold Medal + Trophy

2009 – 91 pontos / 2006 – 93 pontos / 2005 – 94 pontos / 2004 – 96 pontos / 2003 – 93 pontos / 2001 – 96 pontos

2011 – 95 pontos / 2009 – 92 pontos / 2004 – 92 pontos / 2005 – 91 pontos / 2006 – 89 pontos / 2003 – 89 pontos

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