Quinta do Crasto
Vinha da Ponte

For some wine enthusiasts and critics, Quinta do Crasto Vinha da Ponte is one of this estate’s best wines, one of the best, in fact, in the entire Douro region. Like its sister wine, Quinta do Crasto Vinha Maria Teresa, Quinta do Crasto Vinha da Ponte takes its name from a centenary plot of vines. It is only bottled in years of exceptional quality that yield lively and deep coloured wines.

Quinta do Crasto Vinha da Ponte is a super premium, single vineyard Douro DOC red wine. It is released in highly limited quantities, due to the low yield of the old vines, especially those over a hundred years of age. Rarely are more than 4,000 bottles produced.

The grapes are foot trodden in traditional stone trough or lagares at Quinta do Crasto, and the wine is then aged for 20 months in French oak barrels at the Barrel Cellar under strictly controlled temperature and humidity conditions. This is a distinctive wine, with rich and intense aromas of ripe fruit that stand out elegantly over the notes of oak. It is powerful and elegant on the palate and finishes with great balance and persistence, ensuring its development in the bottle for years to come.

Considered one of the most emblematic wines of this historic winery, Quinta do Crasto Vinha da Ponte has only been produced in 1998, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2015, and it fully lives up to the fame of those exceptional vintages.


2007 – 96 pontos / 2004 – 95 pontos / 2003 – 94 pontos / 2000 – 95 pontos

2012 – 94 pontos / 2010 – 94 pontos / 2007 – 95 pontos / 2004 – 95 pontos / 2003 – 91 pontos / 2000 – 95 pontos

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