The philosophy of our grape growing is to respect the equilibrium within our prized terroir. We put to our advantage the perfect harmony that exists between the vineyards and the breathtaking beauty of the landscape of Quinta do Crasto and the Douro River, all of which fully encompasses the richness of the native flora and fauna. This is our vision for guaranteeing the equilibrium of our ecological heritage. Our grape growing techniques are strongly ecologically based without the use of any products or substances that are not certified by national and international regulatory entities. This ensures that we fully respect the environment and roots our vines within a landscape in positive evolution.

We respect our old, centenary vines and we take care to preserve their identity. That is why we are creating a genetic map of the vineyards so as to ensure that they maintain their genetic identity in the future. We prioritise the modernization of grape production that enables us to safeguard the natural vegetation that provides refuge for the local fauna and protects the landscape and soils. Above all, this working philosophy is a highly important means for us to contribute to the preservation of the biodiversity in the Douro River Valley.

Our grape growing practices are aimed at maintaining the perfect balance between the status quo and the ecosystem, maximizing the heritage of the land and all that is associated with it. Our mission is to create the ecological conditions that will enable us to produce grapes of high quality, while preserving nature and all the local species and all the factors that are intrinsically linked to them.

Our goal is to produce wines with their own unique identity that are elegant, fresh, well-structured and that transmit the complexity of the huge range of grape varieties. Our wines benefit from a uniquely unequalled terroir that reproduces the true essence of the Douro Region.