In November 1918, Constantino de Almeida, a wine dealer from Porto, and his wife, D. Laura Moreira de Almeida, registered the purchase of the Quinta do Crasto with the Sabrosa Finance Department.

From 1919-1922, Constantino de Almeida undertook extensive renovations. The wineries and housing were built or rebuilt, and the vineyards were replanted. The fruit of all that work can be enjoyed by the Quinta do Crasto’s enotourism guests today.

When they arrive at this lovingly maintained estate, today’s visitors are greeted by the sight of an idyllic promontory that peerd out over the Douro River. There you will find the Quinta do Crasto farm buildings surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, together with the centenarian manor that houses the owners.

Modernity is in plain view, both in the winemaking and tourism, but this is a modernity that pairs perfectly with the owners’ quest to preserve this historical heritage, both the natural and the built.

They are fully aware of the importance of this rich legacy, which serves as both a repository of memory and as a resource, and which conveys to visitors a sense of timelessness and of communion with nature.

Since 2012, Quinta do Crasto has opened its gates to complement its wine growning and winemaking activities with tourism.

The homes of the landowners and caretakers have been carefully transformed to offer a premium welcome to guests and visitors without losing that private, family-like touch so sought after by those who come to savour the unique Douro wine experience.

With the same exacting standards with which it crafts its wines, Quinta do Crasto opens its doors to welcome tourists and connoisseurs alike with the utmost excellence and authenticity.

Visitors can visit the vineyards and the wineries and top off the tour with a visit to this beautiful, centenarian manor house, where they can taste the wines in the charming surroundings of the dining room or savour a lunch or dinner of local cuisine served on the romantic terrace built with local schist that offers a panoramic view over the Douro River.

The Quinta do Crasto Manor House is currently dedicated to the reception of wine tourism visitors. The rooms in the main house and the four suites, totally renovated keeping some of the original architectural features of the house, are for the exclusive use of the family and their guests.

The Quinta do Crasto, its manor house, lagares and cellars, date back to the 17th century.